Automated Media Fill Inspection

The manual process of visually inspecting media filled vials for signs of contamination is considered tedious, time consuming, and the inspection result is a subjective decision by a human operator. With headspace analysis the inspection of incubated media vials can be executed with a validated analytical measurement and can also be automated.

Automated media fill inspection using headspace analysis provides...

  • High sample analysis throughput
  • Operator independent results
  • Automatic container reconcilliation
  • Inspection of molded glass vials
Close-up image of several small vials filled with yellowish liquid, each with an orange cap, arranged in an out-of-focus pattern, showcasing the precision of an Automated Media Fill process.

Headspace analysis for media fill inspection

Laser-Based Headspace Analysis has proven to be suitable for detecting microbial growth in media-filled pharmaceutical containers. For detecting microbial growth, the levels of headspace oxygen and carbon dioxide are analyzed. Once aerobic microorganisms begin to grow and enter the exponential growth phase, there is a significant consumption of oxygen in the sealed container as well as a corresponding production of carbon dioxide. Headspace analysis can accurately measure these changes in the headspace gas composition and can be used to detect contaminated vials.