LIGHTHOUSE pioneered the creation of rapid, non-destructive headspace analysis.

LIGHTHOUSE’s FMS-Pressure/Moisture Headspace Analyzer simultaneously monitors both moisture partial pressure and total headspace pressure.

The benchtop FMS-Pressure/Moisture Headspace Analyzer can be utilized throughout the product lifecycle for development and QC laboratory applications, as well as final inspection of headspace moisture and pressure levels in production and packaging.

Applications include:

  • Vacuum leak detection
  • Container closure integrity studies
  • Moisture determination of lyo product
  • Lyo chamber moisture mapping
  • Lyo cycle optimization
  • Water vapor permeation studies
  • Moisture degradation studies
  • Stability trends, end-of-shelf life studies
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Lighthouse FMS Systems

The benchtop headspace analyzer can be used throughout the entire product life cycle, from development to manufacturing and QC laboratory applications.

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