FMS-Water Activity

LIGHTHOUSE has engineered a variety of rapid, non-destructive headspace analysis platforms.

LIGHTHOUSE’s FMS-Water Activity Analyzer measures the water activity (% RH) of drug product samples.

The water activity analyzer can be used throughout the entire product lifecycle from development to QC laboratory applications to at-line, in-process control of tableting processes in production.

Applications include:

  • Water activity determination (% RH) of solid dosage, lyo, and powder product
  • Real-time moisture exchange studies
  • Water vapor transmission rate studies
  • Replacement of Karl Fischer Titration (KFT), Loss On Drying (LOD) for moisture determination
  • Rubber stopper drying studies
  • Microbial studies
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Lighthouse FMS Systems

The benchtop headspace analyzer can be used throughout the entire product life cycle, from development to manufacturing and QC laboratory applications.

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