Lab Testing

LIGHTHOUSE is an extension of your analytical laboratory allowing you to take full advantage of our laser-based headspace analysis in the format that works best for you.

LIGHTHOUSE’s lab testing enables you to send your finished product samples for analysis in LIGHTHOUSE laboratory facilities in either Charlottesville, Virginia, or Amsterdam, Netherlands.

LIGHTHOUSE Application Scientists will analyze your samples and provide detailed reporting for your use. Whether you’re doing a feasibility study, method development, or stability testing, the Laboratory Measurement Services team can assist in your data collection.

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Lighthouse Measurement

As an extension of your analytical laboratory, LIGHTHOUSE provides headspace analysis testing services in the format that works best for you.

Feasibility Testing

LIGHTHOUSE Application Scientists can support you with feasibility studies from our laboratories. These studies can range from demonstrating the measurement feasibility of headspace analysis for a particular product configuration, or a scientific feasibility that studies, for example, the ability of particular packaging components to provide robust sealing and maintenance of container closure integrity (CCI). Our customers receive a Measurement Final Report, the data collected, and an explanation and possible recommendations from our Application Scientists.

Method Development

LIGHTHOUSE provides support for analytical method development. Specifically, our Application Scientists have expertise in developing CCI testing methods based on headspace analysis. They support our customers in developing an optimal CCI test method and can help transfer the method by supporting with the generation of final test method protocols.

Stability Studies

LIGHTHOUSE Measurement Services offers stability studies in the areas of maintenance of container closure integrity (CCI) over shelf life and under different storage conditions. Another area of expertise of the LIGHTHOUSE laboratories is in the performance of stability studies quantifying the headspace oxygen consumption of oxidizing formulations over time.This data can be used to determine the oxygen-sensitivity of a formulation and can help make decisions about primary packaging and filling processes that will optimally protect the formulation from exposure to oxygen.

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