On-Site Testing

LIGHTHOUSE offers a unique Equipment+ approach to the headspace analysis of pharmaceutical product.

LIGHTHOUSE goes beyond just equipment and provides you with On-Site Testing Services that can be personalized to suit your needs. Our LIGHTHOUSE specialists have both equipment and application expertise that enables a quick and efficient on-site project .

LIGHTHOUSE Application Scientists are available on short notice to assist you with On-Site Measurement Services. Not all finished product is easy to send out to a separate facility for analysis or inspection, so LIGHTHOUSE equipment can be brought on site for a short-term measurement activity, which will be operated by LIGHTHOUSE specialists. After completing the work, LIGHTHOUSE will pack up the equipment and you can continue your normal activities.


cGMP Testing

The LIGHTHOUSE laboratories operate under an internal Quality System but are not certified for cGMP testing. In situations where this is required, headspace equipment can be brought on-site for a short-term product testing activity. Equipment is rapidly installed, qualified, and operated on-site at the customer by LIGHTHOUSE application and equipment experts. Data is then collected and managed under the customer quality system.

Commercial Batch

LIGHTHOUSE on-site measurement services offers equipment and full support for the re-work and inspection of commercial batches placed into internal quarantine due to potential issues with container closure integrity (CCI) or out-of-specification headspace oxygen content in purged oxygen-sensitive product. The inspection of batches in quarantine enables the identification and rejection of defective product and the release of good product to the market.

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Wherever you need support optimizing product and process quality throughout the product lifecycle, LIGHTHOUSE experts are available for you.

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