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Analytical data is key to developing optimized high quality products and processes.

At LIGHTHOUSE we deliver laser-based headspace analyzer platforms and measurement services addressing a wide range of applications for monitoring sterile pharmaceutical processes and analyzing the quality of finished product.

We have analyzed millions of sterile product samples from facilities around the world and have developed deep expertise in a wide variety of application areas. These include container closure integrity testing, headspace oxygen monitoring, and moisture determination of dry product.

Our headspace applications generate key analytical data in all phases of the product life cycle covering development, QC, and manufacturing.


LIGHTHOUSE’s science-based approach enables robust product and process development.

We have spent years optimizing not only our headspace analyzer platforms but also the applications for rapid non-destructive headspace analysis in order to provide your company with the most efficient and reliable analytical methods.

LIGHTHOUSE Application Scientists can support you in generating analytical headspace data for a variety of applications in package, formulation, and process development activities.

Formulation Science
Packaging Science
Process Science

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LIGHTHOUSE has always been on the forefront of headspace analysis technology.

From process optimization studies to process monitoring and final product inspection we ensure your manufacturing process delivers quality product.

Our market-leading headspace platforms reduce wasted time and save you money throughout your manufacturing process: from optimization and validation, to process monitoring, to finished product inspection. LIGHTHOUSE Application Engineers are always available to support production departments with project-based process studies and critical batch inspections.

Process Optimization & Validation
Process Monitoring
Finished Product Inspection

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LIGHTHOUSE is about more than just technology, we develop proven test methods for quality control testing.

Release testing, end of shelf life studies, and quality troubleshooting measurements require analytical methods that are reliable and robust. Laser-based headspace analysis rapidly and nondestructively characterizes the pharmaceutical product headspace conditions and is a described method in the U.S. Pharmacopeia. Quality Control applications include headspace oxygen content determination and container closure integrity testing.

Release Testing
Stability Testing
Recalls & Investigations

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Wherever you need support optimizing product and process quality throughout the product lifecycle, LIGHTHOUSE experts are available for you.

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