Process Monitoring

LIGHTHOUSE systems are ideally suited for sterile process monitoring.

Fast and accurate measurements coupled with advanced data integrity capabilities ensure you capture accurate and secure information about your process.

Whether you are monitoring your process using statistical sampling or 100% monitoring, LIGHTHOUSE’s non-destructive headspace analysis systems give you confidence that processes are under control and the highest product quality reaches the market.


Monitoring N2 Purging Systems for Liquid or Powder Filling Lines

LIGHTHOUSE’s equipment is specifically designed to ensure effective monitoring of inert gas purging for liquid or powder filling lines. Our instruments are installed and supported around the globe for cGMP production processes as well as in R&D laboratories, and quality control labs.

Monitoring Lyo Product

LIGHTHOUSE’s laser-based headspace moisture analysis is a rapid and non-destructive analytical method for monitoring lyo cake moisture content. The amount of headspace water vapor directly correlates to the lyo cake moisture content. Benchtop systems for statistical sampling and fully automated systems for 100% inspection can ensure the stability and reduce the risk of degradation in freeze-dried product.


As a pioneer in the industry, LIGHTHOUSE understands that residual product moisture content is a critical quality parameter when considering stability and shelf life of lyophilized pharmaceutical product. Moisture analysis performed using Karl Fischer titration or thermo-gravimetric analysis (TGA) methods is slow and destructive and not useful for monitoring lyo processes.

Fast and non-destructive moisture measurement systems from LIGHTHOUSE allow for statistical sampling or 100% real-time moisture inspection of finished freeze dried product.

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