Process Optimization and Validation

See how LIGHTHOUSE’s rapid and non-destructive headspace gas analysis systems can optimize and validate fill/finish lines.

From container closure integrity to inert gas purge systems to lyo cycle development, our systems provide you with scientific data demonstrating process robustness.

LIGHTHOUSE pioneered the use of laser absorption spectroscopy for headspace analysis. Our equipment is specialized to do exactly what you want including line optimization, qualification, and validation.


Qualification of Filling, Freeze Drying and Packaging Lines

LIGHTHOUSE is the pioneer of laser-based headspace analysis systems. Our leadership in supplying equipment to support the qualification of liquid filling, freeze-drying and packaging lines is drawn from years of innovation and expertise.

Quantifying the physical conditions in the headspace of sterile containers enables you to monitor critical quality parameters and gives detailed insight into the process.


LIGHTHOUSE scientists use a validated headspace leak rate model to support your development of leak detection strategies. Our systems are equipped with data integrity measures to ensure you gather scientifically robust and secure data that will pass regulatory scrutiny during process optimization and validation.


LIGHTHOUSE frequency modulation spectroscopy (FMS) is a proven method for rapid analysis and inspection of moisture in finished sterile drug product. Headspace moisture analysis enables full moisture mapping of lyo chambers as well as analysis of statistical test sample sets for lyo cycle development.

N2 Purge

LIGHTHOUSE at-line benchtop analyzers can save time and money during optimization of a liquid filling line inert gas purging processes. The rapid measurement capability means that a large quantity of samples can be quickly analyzed and because the measurement method is non-destructive, there is no need to dispose of destroyed product samples.

Media Fill Inspection

LIGHTHOUSE in-line media fill inspection systems can save time and money during inspection of media vials. The rapid, sensitive and nondestructive measurement capability means that microbial contamination can be detected in as little as 48 hours and large quantities of samples can be quickly and automatically analyzed for microbial contamination.

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