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The LIGHTHOUSE team of technical support specialists is ready to assist you with any questions you have about your LIGHTHOUSE headspace analyzer.

For the quickest response, please contact us at one of the following email addresses and let us know what we can do to help.

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The LIGHTHOUSE technical support team also offers a range of services to help you benefit from the full potential of your LIGHTHOUSE analyzer:

Installation and Training

Get started using your new analyzer with installation and training from a LIGHTHOUSE technician. We’ll connect the hardware, install the software, and confirm that the analyzer is functioning correctly. Your team will be invited to participate in a hands-on training session to learn the basics of the technology and how to fully operate the analyzer and associated software.

Is your analyzer already installed? LIGHTHOUSE can provide supplemental training for new users who do not have experience making headspace measurements. Be confident you’re always operating the analyzer correctly by scheduling periodic training sessions with LIGHTHOUSE.

Qualification Support

LIGHTHOUSE offers a full package of qualification documents to verify that your analyzer is installed correctly and operating as intended, using test protocols written in accordance with the design requirements and relevant regulations. LIGHTHOUSE technicians are available to execute the Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, and Performance Qualification protocols to ensure all tests are performed correctly and all results are documented completely.

Preventive Maintenance

An annual preventive maintenance visit from a LIGHTHOUSE technician will confirm that your analyzer is operating within expected limits and can help identify irregularities before they become a problem.

These visits can be combined with supplemental training sessions for new users who do not have experience making headspace measurements.

Extended Warranty

Every LIGHTHOUSE analyzer ships with a one-year warranty, which provides free-of-charge factory repair of your analyzer in the case of manufacturing defects or hardware failure.* For customers who wish to maintain that assurance beyond the first year of ownership, the Extended Warranty option offers additional years of full warranty coverage plus one on-site Preventive Maintenance visit during each year of coverage. Our Extended Warranty customers will also receive priority support to ensure their needs are met with the highest level of urgency.
* Except in cases that arise from improper use or handling; refer to the user manual for proper use instructions.

Software Update

LIGHTHOUSE is always striving to improve the user experience and increase functionality. Please contact us if you are interested in upgrading your software to include the latest features or if you have an idea you would like to see added to future software versions.

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