Robotic arm apparatus performing tasks with samples, shown with a computer screen and keyboard, likely in a laboratory setting.

LIGHTHOUSE launches FMS Automation Module

AMSTERDAM, September, 2023 – Lighthouse is pleased to announce the launch of the FMS Automation Module, the newest addition to the Lighthouse non-destructive laser-based headspace analysis product line. The FMS Automation Module is a collaborative automated sample handler that eliminates manual sample handling and provides testing throughput as high as 300 samples per hour.


“The FMS Automation Module has transformed our Amsterdam Application laboratory into a rapid response, high-throughput Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT) lab” said Steven de Vries, Lighthouse Marketing Product Director.


Using the fully automated FMS-Carbon Dioxide analyzer, a single analyst is able to test 1,500 samples per day with less than 30 minutes of tray loading and unloading. The FMS Automation module eliminated the repetitive manual tasks, streamlined the workflow and expedited the process.
The FMS Automation Module holds 2 sample trays with capacity up to 588 vials allowing the user to walk away for up to 2 hours of unattended testing.


The system is very flexible and versatile to test a wide range of vial types and sizes using either the FMS-Oxygen, FMS-Carbon Dioxide or FMS-Moisture/Pressure headspace analyzers. The compact, fully integrated work cell is controlled by a single PC with a simple operator interface that ensures that every sample is tested and that the measurement results are stored immediately in the database.


For more detailed information about the new FMS Automation Module, please visit the Lighthouse Instruments.


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