• Container Closure Integrity Testing

    A healthcare worker wearing a surgical mask, gloves, and a hair cap holds up a small, clear vial containing liquid for headspace analysis.
  • Oxygen Monitoring

    Several glass vials of varying sizes with red caps are displayed on a white surface. A white backdrop with a blue and red geometric design is visible behind the vials.
  • Water Activity Determination

    A collection of various pill blister packs containing different types, shapes, and colors of tablets and capsules scattered on a white surface.
  • Moisture Determination

    Several glass vials with white contents and red caps are arranged on a white surface in a well-lit laboratory setting.
  • Automated Media Fill Inspection

Our Solutions

Rapid, non-destructive, laser-based headspace analysis is a powerful measurement technique suitable for applications specific to the sterile pharmaceutical industry.

LIGHTHOUSE offers solutions for headspace oxygen monitoring of oxygen sensitive formulations, container closure integrity (CCI) testing, moisture determination of freeze-dried product, sterile powders and solid dosage forms, and the inspection of media fills.

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