LIGHTHOUSE has a proven history manufacturing a range of equipment and providing services to support your sterile product fill and finish operations.

Keeping sterile product fill/finish operations under control is a critical to maintaining product quality. Our market-leading headspace analysis systems are unique tools for optimizing and validating your process, and inspecting finished product.

From optimizing freeze-drying cycles or nitrogen purge overlays to detecting container closure integrity failures in commercial batches, our solutions save you time and money. More frequent and higher performance product testing provides assurances that efficacious and sterile products are reaching the market place.

Headspace analysis solutions from LIGHTHOUSE are fast and nondestructive allowing for 100% inspection of your product which reduces waste and improves yields.

Process Optimization and Validation

LIGHTHOUSE systems and services enable you to collect statistically significant data to demonstrate your process is optimized, robust and stays in a state of control. In-line and at-line optical-based non-destructive process measurements ensure that your sterile manufacturing processes are operating at maximum efficiency and performance at all times.

LIGHTHOUSE can assist in you validating new fill/finish processes and re-qualifying existing lines.

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Process Monitoring

LIGHTHOUSE systems are designed for either at-line statistical sampling or in-line 100% process monitoring. Our headspace analyzers are used to monitor residual oxygen levels on liquid filling lines that require inert gas purging. Our moisture analyzers monitor residual water content in lyophilized product.

With LIGHTHOUSE systems you receive accurate, reliable data for quantitative validation of your entire manufacturing process.

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Finished Product Inspection

LIGHTHOUSE automated inspection systems and those from our strategic partner Bosch allow for 100% batch inspection. Regardless of how stringent the fill/finish processes requirements are, our systems allow you to thoroughly inspect all product before release to market.

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