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LIGHTHOUSE is the leading global provider of optical-based, non-destructive headspace analysis systems that help lower the cost and ensure the quality of parenteral products.

Our flexible lease option allows clients to plan for short term activities in which rapid, non-destructive headspace measurements are critical to solving process or product quality concerns.

Each of LIGHTHOUSE’s machines and instruments can be implemented as a short-term lease.A LIGHTHOUSE Application Engineer will come on site to install, qualify, and start up of both Benchtop and Automated Machine Equipment Lease. Our engineers also provide user training and application support as part of the start-up process.

LIGHTHOUSE Headspace systems can be implemented and qualified on very short time scales (one day for manual benchtop systems, one week for automated machine platforms).



The LIGHTHOUSE automated PULSAR inspection machine is available for lease on a per project basis. The flexible, small footprint machine is designed to be delivered and qualified within a timeline of weeks. The machine is used for re-work and inspection of commercial batches having suspected container closure integrity (CCI) issues, or for batches having out-of-specification headspace oxygen content due to a puring process upset during filling. The PULSAR lease machine is also used for process studies in which multiple batches are analyzed to gain insight into process and product quality as part of scale-up and validation of the commercial process.


The LIGHTHOUSE FMS Headspace Analyzers are available for lease on a per project basis. The portable and robust benchtop systems can be delivered with qualification protocols and a LIGHTHOUSE application engineer delivers full support for installation, qualification, user training, and start up. For critical projects, lease systems can sometimes be delivered within a timeline of days.

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