LIGHTHOUSE equipment is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Our benchtop analyzers are specifically designed to support release testing, stability testing and investigations. Our pioneering automated headspace analysis systems support rework efforts for quarantined and recalled batches as well as routine container closure integrity testing in lieu of sterility testing as part of shelf life stability protocols.

We are the scientists that pioneered the creation of headspace analysis equipment. At LIGHTHOUSE we are dedicated to providing innovative analytical tools that meet the quality testing needs of the sterile pharmaceutical industry.

Release Testing

LIGHTHOUSE equipment is designed to minimize the measurement time required for release testing without sacrificing measurement quality or data integrity.

LIGHTHOUSE systems will provide you with robust data for QC testing and enable the definition of test methods that can be reliably and quantitatively validated.

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Stability Testing

LIGHTHOUSE’s stability testing processes are designed to ensure the highest quality product and package. Testing the same product container over time has the significant benefit of minimizing the number of samples required and providing more meaningful data trends.

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Recalls and Investigations

LIGHTHOUSE understands the process of conducting out-of-specification investigations and has been involved in numerous projects reworking batches of quarantined product. Our project expertise and high performance equipment operate to the highest standards ensuring your finished product is the highest quality.

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