LIGHTHOUSE draws on years of innovation and expertise to bring you robust, top-of-the-line equipment to keep your products, and by extension patients, healthy and safe.

LIGHTHOUSE supports teams in the development process with analytical headspace equipment, lab measurement services, and science-based consultancy.

Regulators look for a science-based approach and the generation of reliable analytical data as the basis for producing high quality pharmaceutical product.

LIGHTHOUSE has analyzed millions of pharmaceutical samples from facilities around the world and we have developed a deep and proven level of expertise in multiple application areas.

Formulation Science

Defining formulation stability specifications is an important step towards launching a successful drug product.

LIGHTHOUSE equipment is specialized to perform non-destructive headspace analysis allowing for efficient stability studies saving valuable material and time in the development phase.

LIGHTHOUSE expertly supports your formulation science activities. We remove guesswork by providing analytical results instead of subjective assessment.

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Packaging Science

Understanding the properties of the primary packaging of a pharmaceutical drug product is critical.

LIGHTHOUSE’s packaging science services utilize our market-leading laser absorption spectroscopy systems enabling you to readily identify and characterize container closure integrity defects and permeation properties of a package.

LIGHTHOUSE has revolutionized approaches for analyzing sterile pharmaceutical packages and our quantitative validation means enhanced safety for patients.

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Process Science

LIGHTHOUSE’s robust process science services enables quick and efficient scale-up to commercial manufacturing. Our automated headspace inspection platforms can be delivered within weeks for project-based process studies in which full batches are analyzed resulting in full insight into the process quality and robustness.

LIGHTHOUSE headspace platforms enable quick and efficient analysis of statistical sample sets removing the inaccuracies and guesswork involved with sampling approaches.

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Wherever you need support optimizing product and process quality throughout the product lifecycle, LIGHTHOUSE experts are available for you.

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